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  1. May is the month of the avocado!

    May 1, 2012 by betsy

    IMG_1486editedresize copy

    Avocado month is here!  I can’t believe it’s already May – this spring is flying by!  Pretty soon we’ll be linking up all of those gorgeous summer fruit and vegetable recipes.  Since Betsy and I live on opposite sides of the country, we often have trouble picking ingredients because we see different produce come into our stores and markets at different times of the year.  Last year we featured asparagus in May, but this year we picked avocados because you can find the Mexican variety almost everywhere, and California avocados start popping up in the springtime.

    Avocados are so versatile.  Whether you enjoy them mashed up in guacamole, diced in a salad, sliced on a burger, or baked into deserts, you’re getting a healthy dose of nutrients in every serving!  The California Avocado Commission has a great website with recipes and nutritional information, amongst other things.  Check out our AVOCADOS link party to find recipes and share your own.

    Also, don’t forget to check in on our asparagus link page.  It was one of our favorite ingredients, and you’ll find some fantastic recipes in there.  The link party has been reopened so that you can share your own asparagus recipes too!