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August is Plum Month!

August 1, 2013 by betsy

plumsAnother month of summer has passed us by.  Hard to believe it’s August already!  It’s been unseasonably cold here in Chicago over the last week or so.  Definitely does not feel like the middle of summer around  here.

When I was growing up, my grandparents had a plum tree in the backyard.  It was one of those Italian or prune plum trees.  They weren’t my favorite for eating, but man do I wish I was still able to pick them.  It was considered a chore when I was a kid, but now I’d be begging to get my hands on a bowlful!  They were great for baking.  I remember my mom making this plum “pizza” every year.  I could have eaten the whole pan.  It’s funny how certain foods can stir up such vivid memories from the past.  Makes me feel like I need to call my mom to see if she can dig up that recipe for the plum pizza now!

Head on over to our August link page and share all your favorite watermelon, peaches, corn and plum recipes!

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